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Braeburn Apple Juice

Braeburn Apple & Pear Juice
Our family-run orchards in Great Oakley and Wrabness produce a lot of really delicious apples and pears, but sadly some are just not pretty enough to send to the supermarket. But, rather than bin them, we take these unloved fruits to be to be turned into Award Winning Juices. We are delighted to announce that both our Braeburn Apple Juice and our Braeburn Apple & Pear Juice each won a coveted 1-star award in the 2015 Great Taste Awards.

All our juices are naturally cloudy. The Braeburn Apple has a touch of citric acid to keep its light, bright colour, but our pear blends don't even have that and are perfectly golden. We gently pasteurise our juices so they have a longer unopened shelf life, and once they're opened they will stay fresh and delicious for 3 days in the fridge...but we defy you to have them opened for that long without drinking them!

Delicious straight out of the fridge, you can drink our juices "straight up", but how about trying a few twists:

- 2/3 juice to 1/3 sparkling mineral water or soda water to make a longer, lighter drink - the flavours of all our juices are robust enough to cope well with being diluted
- Add some ice, chopped strawberries, apple, cucumber and a sprig of mint to our Braeburn Apple & Pear Juice for a refreshing non-alcoholic tipple
- Mix our Braeburn Apple Juice with ginger ale and fresh lime juice for a perky pick-me-up
- Our Topaz, Evelina & Pear Juice is amazing warmed up with a few cardamom pods and a cinnamon stick, perfect for in the garden as the evenings cool down